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The Game


Table Top Wars is a hex based table top wargame that incorporates not just simple combat mechanics, but also an immersive base management and resource gathering system giving players more scope on how they wish to approach the game.


The aim has always been to keep how the game plays, as simple as possible but not so dumbed down as to insult the intelligence of more dedicated table top wargamers. The system allows for either combat only for faster paced battles or a full base mode that lets you manage resources, power and production.


Centred around 2 factions, players must either destroy their enemy or complete one of the pre-set objectives.

The Inspiration


The idea for making TTW came about a few years ago whislt playing the then new Command & Conquer 3. For the first time I noticed that vehicles could reverse. After reading the toot-tip properly, it stated that tanks and other vehicles are more armoured in the front than the rear. This made sense since units tend to go forwards into battle and not backwards! My thoughts started to wander, thinking of watching Warhammer 40,000 games at my local games club - Yeovil Games, and how it seemed fairly similar to this.


Once my mind started to fuse the 2 games together I began to wonder how base building and resource harvesting could be combined into a turn based table top wargame.


After a few months of on/off work on a basic rule set, I was ready to begin testing.


(c) Copyright Paul Foster 2015